10 Small Tips That Can Change a College Girl’s Life


College life is fun, exciting and happening for every girl. But apart from having fun, college life is even about being careful, saving money so that you don’t get bankrupt at the end of the month, being safe and being with the right set of trustworthy people. College life is even about maintaining equilibrium between studies and partying.

So here are some tips which will be handy in making any college girl’s life better.

  1. You should minimize your driving as much as possible. This will help you in saving some extra bucks and in relieving your stress. Moreover, walking is the best way to stay fit and lose some extra fats. So where ever possible, choose to walk to that place rather than hiring a car or driving.
  2. You should buy a tiny clutch or wallet or wristlet, so as to keep your phone, money and id safe. During class or parties, we tend to get unmindful and thus we can easily lose our valuable items. So the best way to keep these items safe is to buy a not so expensive wristlet.
  3. Girls love shopping. But many times due to excess expenditure, here and there, they have to shop on a fixed budget. The best solution for this is to create a junk mail email account, where you can sign up for different offers and coupons. Sometimes you find coupons that cannot be found anywhere else and you can easily shop with these coupons.
  4. You should cook big meals for yourself so that you can eat the leftovers. Learn to get adapted to eating leftovers, as groceries are very expensive and after a long tiring day, you can easily eat the left over food, saving yourself the tiresome task of cooking.
  5. Girls, who are living in dorms should buy themselves good pairs of sneakers, as they are life savers and comfy.
  6. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible as junk foods are costly and unhealthy. In college, you meet so many people so it’s a germ festival in itself. So if you eat healthy and take multivitamins then you will save yourself the horror of falling sick.
  7. Most girls tend to trust others very easily. Always remember you don’t know what lies beneath a cute face or a cute smile. Don’t give your trust to boys or even other girls, very easily. Take your time in trusting people completely.
  8. Avoid walking home or to your hostel alone after a late night event or party. You may think your college campus or town is a safe place, but danger doesn’t come with prior notice. So it’s better being safe than sorry.
  9. Always revise what you are taught in the class. You are paying a lot for schools and colleges so you should grab as much knowledge as possible.
  10. Fitness is very important in one’s life. So try to spare some time for exercises. You can even walk short distances to stay fit and healthy.

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