3 mistakes made by WORK-FROM-HOME moms


Working women always think being a work-at-home mom is the easiest job in the world, easily setting your own schedules, playing with your kids and working while wearing your comfy pj’s and getting paid at the same time. You get to be your own boss, with no office drama and unnecessary communication.

But now that i am a work-at-home mother, i got to know the truth. The work isn’t easy, rather it’s easy to get caught up between your household chores and children, with not much time left to spend some romantic time with your better half. And it’s very easy to put yourself and your work in the back until the last moment.

Although i still think being a work-from-home mother is the best job but it’s very hard and not at all easy. Sometimes i even desire for an office and specific dedicated work hours. I miss the atmosphere of a traditional workspace, my coworkers and the office interaction.

If like me, you also think the same, then maybe you are also doing the same mistake that most work-from-home mothers do. So here are the 3 common mistakes committed by work-from-home mothers and their solutions.

  1. Less networking or insufficient networking-

Networking doesn’t only mean social media. Although facebook and instagram are great places to get in connection with the potential or current clients, spending time scrolling mindlessly through the newsfeed doesn’t help much. Rather you should go out of your house for work related things, on a regular basis. You can ask a friend to take care of your child so that you can schedule a lunch meeting with a colleague or client in some nearby cafe. You can even use application like Meetup to connect with other work-from-home mothers, follow companies like Amway to know about extra income options and possible networking events and follow sites like EventBrite to know about nearby conferences.

  1. Always set boundaries-

For most work-from-home mothers, saying bye to traditional office hours, is saying hello to working from dawn to dusk. You don’t know when the time flies and it’s already 4 p.m, when you feel like you just had your breakfast. If all this sounds familiar to you, here are some tips to set boundaries on your time, energy and work space.

  • Time- Use the words “It’s not a priority” rather than “I don’t have time” and then you will feel how this changes your days, work habits and relationships.

  • Energy- Never overload yourself, rather you should realize your limits and respect them. Never accept assignments for which you don’t have time.

  • Work space- You cannot have a kids free home office, but for some hours a day you can turn a room into private office space and make sure only people with emergency can interrupt you.

  1. Always have some Me time-

You are a work-from-home mother because you wanted to fully take care of your children and that’s why you made the switch, which is a great thing but don’t turn it into your demise. Don’t overextend yourself by giving too much to others. In an effort to balance your roles as wife, mom, employee, friend, don’t forget to take out individual time for yourself. Because every mom needs breaks.

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