6 Top reasons children throw tantrums


Most of us used to throw tantrums when we were kids. Children throwing tantrums is an universal phenomenon. Children throw tantrums for many reasons and it’s essential for parents to understand the various reasons behind their tantrums and to start taking steps to prevent it.

  1. Most kids today, are perfectionists. They believe in perfection and cannot accept the fact that even they can lose in video games or make mistakes. These children after making mistakes throw fits of tantrums so as to protect their self-esteem. As a parent, you should make your child understand that, the effort behind doing a homework or the sportsmanship behind playing a game is more important than being a perfectionist.
  2. Most kids are very stubborn. It’s very normal for kids to throw tantrums when they don’t get enough attention. If you are busy doing something, you can just simply assure your child or tell them how much more they have to wait. If you are busy with some work, you can simply tell them to wait near you. Most importantly, parents should teach their children that patience is the key to getting attention.
  3. Most kids are very impatient. They find it very difficult to wait for something or to stop doing a fun activity. But if the child knows when he will get that thing, it’s easy for him to wait for it. If your child asks for something which is not reasonable, then you should give him something which is attractive as a compensation, given to the fact that the child behaves well. And make sure you stop the fun activity in a smooth manner.
  4. Many kids throw tantrums when they are told to do their homework, any new activity, any chores or certain demands are made on them. Parents should never force their kids to try new things, so that they don’t throw tantrums. Parent’s should rather help their child to overcome their fears, by making him watch the activity, before participating in it. Make the chores or homework a fun task so that children are excited to do it.
  5. “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop”, this famous proverb can be rightfully applied to kids and leads to fits of tantrums. Children who have fickle minds will often find time wasting things to do between scheduled activities. Parents should create a box labelled as ” Things to do” containing, games, puzzles, books, art projects, video and other activities to do in between the scheduled activities. You can even use smaller versions of it in long journeys or during the waiting time in the doctor’s room.
  6. Most kids throw tantrums due to biological reasons such as hunger and fatigue. Parents should carry their child’s favorite snacks, while going out, so that they can give it to them whenever they are hungry, so as to avoid the tantrum showers. Don’t over burden your kid with too much work and allow short breaks to prevent them from being tired.

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