I, Sugitha am a home maker. I completed my degree in MCA. Womenlife.co.in is a site dedicated to lovers, parents and women and revolves around subjects regarding them. My site has articles regarding lovers, parenting and women, which am sure is going to be very useful to my readers. I have vast knowledge on all the above categories and so I decided to start a website to help people get an insight on these three subjects. I am very passionate about writing, so I realized why not channelize my writing skills in a proper manner so as to help people.

My site has topics regarding love, such as relationship, dating facts, solutions for relationship problems, and various other tips to help couples get a clear insight on various matters.

I write about various facts, techniques and tips which will help new parents take care of their baby, easily. Parenting is a tough job and I am pretty sure after reading my articles parents won’t have a tough time handling or taking proper care of their kids. Moreover my articles also deal with problems that parents face, with their respective solutions to help them.

Being a woman, many of my articles focus on various issues regarding women, such as their health, safety, appearance and many more. I know what women want to read and what are their likes and dislikes, and my articles revolve around them, so that men can also get an insight about what goes on in a woman’s mind.

I hope my readers love my posts and motivate me to write more.

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