Important safety tips for college students


There are so many easy ways to protect and prevent yourself from being more exposed or harmed than necessary or putting yourself in destructive situations.

College is a fun place with the college campus being full of people. It’s important to know and remember that you are not always aware of whom to trust and whom not to, even though you ’re in the college campus.
Thinking that any kind of danger is a mere assumption of your mind would be wrong on your part, you should be prepared for any kind of situation.

The below listed college safety tips will help you if you are in any dangerous situation.

  1. Never get too relied on technology, that you are not aware of your surroundings

    Smartphones, headphones and mp3 players are so addictive, once you are plugged in, you just go into your space. This is what you should avoid.

    When you find yourself completely zoned out, oblivious of your surroundings, the first thing that you must do is to put your phone away.

  2. Walking alone at night is a big NO

    Walking alone in night or in dark places is like inviting trouble. There may be times, when you have to go to one place from another during night, but in such situations, you should always avoid being alone. Always make sure a friend accompanies you during such times.

  3. Make full use of locks

    You should always lock your doors, especially when you are sleeping. This will save you from any kind of physical harm or any kind of theft.

  4. Emergency cash is a necessity

    Always carry some cash with you, just in case any problem arises, like your credit card is not working or you lost your debit card.

  5. Make a list of the locations of the emergency system areas on your campus

    Almost all of the college campuses have emergency phones scattered all over the campus, for the students, in case any emergency arises. Track down the locations of all your campuses systems, for emergency situations.

  6. Know your campus thoroughly, in and out

    You should be aware of your college surroundings. You should be thoroughly familiar with your college campus, streets and landmarks, so that you know your way around or out of a place.

  7. Deciding to stay at a party, while your friend is leaving is a big NO

    You don’t have to leave a party early, if one of your friends is leaving but always make sure you have at least one trustworthy friend with you at any party.

  8. Avoid being intoxicated or out of control

    One should know one’s capacity and stop at the point, where you think you are losing control. If you are out of your senses, people can easily take advantage of you.

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