Safety tips for Women


The saddest thing about this era is that we live in a society which is very unsafe for women. Day by day, the society is becoming increasingly violent with crimes committed daily. Getting frightened while walking alone, always thinking whether an attacker is approaching them has become monotonous in the life of women. Personal safety has become an important thing for everyone, especially women.

So here are some ways that every woman should know about personal safety.

  1. Never ignore your Sixth sense indications-

Always listen to your gut instinct or sixth sense. Your intuition which comes from your subconscious mind, is a very powerful insight into people and situations. Women have the gift of very strong sixth sense, but very few pay heed to it. Always trust and use this power to your full safety and advantage. If your sixth sense is indicating that a person or situation isn’t safe then avoid that situation or person.

  1. Always be aware-

Awareness is the first and most important way of self-defense. True self defense begins long before any physical contact such as kick in the groin or blocking punches. Awareness is the most important component of self-defense. You should always be aware of yourself, your surroundings. Most criminals take advantage of you with surprise attacks. Most criminals target those women who are unaware of their surroundings.

  1. Self-defense training-

The self-defense program taught to women should include, fully equipped instructor in a realistic act of rape and attack scenarios, so as to allow you to practice whatever you have learned. Women should avoid martial art studios unless they want to get trained in the traditional martial arts techniques.

  1. Ways to escape-

Escape is always the best options. If suddenly a predator attacks you, the best escape options are either running away, yelling for help, or by throwing rock at a car window or store to attract attention.

  1. The right to fight-

Your age or physical conditions don’t matter or the fact that you are aware or not aware of self-defense martial trainings, it is important to know that you can and you should always defend yourself physically. You can attack your potential attacker, even if he is only threatening you. You have both legal and moral right to do so. Most women think that if they start defending themselves, they may tend to make the attacker more angry and get themselves hurt. But according to statistics, the chances of your survival are far more if you fight back. You should always aim first for the eyes and then the groin. And always keep in mind that you have to strike quickly so as to take your attacker by surprise and unprepared.

  1. Always carry pepper spray with you-

Pepper spray is a very important tool but it has it’s own drawbacks too. Around 15% to 20% people do not get affected even by a full face spray. And moreover taking the spray out of your handbag can alert the attacker. But you can always use pepper spray as a self-defense tool but do not completely rely on it.

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