Seven Signs that You are an ALPHA WOMAN


Alpha Women are the strongest women. They are stunning and breathtaking in their attributes. They know what they are doing. They are kind, firm, bold, poised and courageous.

So here are some signs that will show you whether you are an alpha woman.

  1. Being alone or loneliness doesn’t scare you-

Sometimes alpha women are more productive when they are alone. It’s completely okay for you if you broke up with your long-term boyfriend, or  romantic relationships doesn’t excite you. You know there will be another boy for you who will accept you, the way you are.

  1. The limelight is always on you-

The limelight is always on you, whether you accept it or not. Your confidence grabs the attention of everyone near you. People appreciate your leadership skills and look up to you for guidance. In social gatherings, you amaze and entertain people with your jokes. With your energy and poise you grab the attention of the crowd.

  1. You are clear about your life-

You are mentally sorted and you know what to do and how to make your day productive. Your life goals are all set and clear. Your spiritual, physical and mental goals are the achievements that define you. You strive hard to overcome the circumstances in order to achieve your goals. Moreover you believe in working hard.

  1. You accept changes with open arms-

Most people are scared of changes, but an alpha woman embraces changes, gladly. You believe that without change there is no growth. You can easily sacrifice your comfort for self development. You face life and accept all the possibilities for change.

  1. You love taking risks-

According to you, life is meaningless without risks. You love being reckless, stepping out of your comfort zone, being courageous and grabbing opportunities. These risks keep you focused in your life.

You believe in the quote “A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what ships are for.” by William Shedd.

  1. You are a very loving person-

Most people think that alpha women are self-sufficient and cannot love but what they don’t know is that you preserve all the love in yourself, to shower it on the right man, who is worthy of your love. Your love is faithful, unconditional and true. You don’t believe in fairy tales and  fight for your true love.

  1. Giving up is not in your dictionary-

The “never giving up” quality is among the best qualities possessed by alpha women. You don’t give up until you gain victory. This quality makes you unique and helps you to be successful.

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