Signs that prove that you are with your future husband


Many times we are not sure whether we are with the man, with whom we would want to spend our future with. We all have some qualities which we want our future husband’s to possess. Many girls tend to break up with their partners who are actually made for them. Moreover many times girls fail to distinguish pure love with just plain love.

So here are some signs to help you analyze whether you should take your relationship to the marriage level.

  1. He loves bragging about you. He tells everyone happily and proudly about your achievements, such as you got promotion at work or simple things such as you getting concert tickets, proving that he is your biggest fan.
  2. He makes sacrifices for your happiness and you do the same for him. He is happy to sacrifice his wishes for you, without expecting anything in return. For example, he can even move cities for you and you can do the same for him.
  3. You both share the same values. For instance, you both want to have kids and have agreed to share the responsibility equally. Or you want to spend one hour at the gym or move to the suburbs in some years, and he shares the same thinking as you. You both discuss and are clear about the things that matter the most to both of you.
  4. Even after years of togetherness he still believes in doing small chivalrous things for you. He does sweet acts for you such as opening doors for you, or carrying you to your doorstep when you can’t walk because you are tired.
  5. He never tries to change you. He loves you the way you are. He loves your flaws, the messy you or the fact that you can’t cook.
  6. Not only marrying him is the best idea for you, but the fact that you will be going to spend the rest of your life with him is what makes you even more happy. And honeymoon is a bonus point in your happiness.
  7. “I miss you” isn’t just a line for you, it’s reality. Even if you met him two hours ago, it seems decades for you.
  8. You are a girl who doesn’t like to share her room with anyone and loves her own space, but you are ready to live with him, in a live in relationship. You are excited to lay down in his arms, in your cozy apartment after a tiring day.
  9. You tell him everything, starting from your work to your friends, anything and everything. And the same goes for him as well. Sharing every tiny things with each other, makes both of you happy.

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