Simple Ways To Make Your Home Baby-Proof


Motherhood is an exciting experience with its own challenges; once the baby starts moving the parents have to make sure he does not hurt himself as accidents just happen. Most babies have a tendency to explore things around them; so the thumb rule in dealing with toddlers is to keep the surroundings baby-proof.

Here are a few tips by which you can make your home baby-proof

Babies have a tendency to tug at everything within their reach, so remove all unstable furniture and floor lamps. Keep dangling wires and cords taped up to avoid the baby pulling them to bring them crashing to the ground. It is advisable to keep all plug points at higher level with the wiring fully insulated; this prevents the baby getting a shock that is fatal.

A baby has a tendency to explore everything around him, so it is best to keep the study, home office or utility area out of the reach of a child. When a moving child goes into such rooms he may tear up papers and pull down things that are undesirable. It is also advisable to keep items like expensive and delicate equipment, cigarette lighters, paper weights and remote controls out of the reach of the baby.

The bathroom is a dangerous area for adults as well as a child since it has hard surfaces, slippery tiles and hot water geysers and faucets. It is not easy for any parent to keep the baby out of the bathroom; however it is advisable to put the latch somewhere high on the bathroom door and also supervise the baby’s visits to the bathroom.

Kitchen, another hazardous and unavoidable room can be baby proofed with putting baby proof latches on cabinets and drawers that contain sharp objects like knives, glassware and poisonous material like cleaners and dishwashers. Also it is best to keep the baby away when you are cooking. Also it is best to keep hot liquids and dishes in the center of the table to avoid the baby reaching out to them and hurting himself.

Most babies have a tendency to put everything they get hold of into their mouth; a word of caution if you are fond of indoor plants. It is best to avoid lethal plants; the same applies to dangling vines that babies are prone to pull and drag down. If you are passionate about these plants make sure they are kept out of the reach of the baby.

Staircase in another area that needs baby proofing; it would be advisable to put a gate after a few steps as a precaution to prevent the baby falling down too far.
The comparatively safe room is the bedroom; however keep jewelry, perfumes, deodorants and make-up out of the reach of the bay to avoid being choked or poisoned. The same applies to ties, belts, shoe laces and plastic bags that could be the cause for suffocation and strangulation.

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