Six Signs He Loves You TRULY AND MADLY.


As women, we all want to be totally sure that our boyfriends love us. You want to be certain of him, his love and loyalty. No practical woman would want to waste her time in a dead end relationship. Sometimes, when you ask your guy whether he loves you, he may keep quiet. Maybe because he is not good in expressing his love in words.

So here are 6 signs which will prove that your guy loves you truly.

  1. He does things according to your wishes-

He might get slightly annoyed or complain sometimes about the little things that you tell him to do, but at the same time he understands their importance too. Like he does things which maybe is out of his preference, just to make you happy. For example, cleaning the house for you, going out to watch a girly movie with you or doing things your way.

  1. He instantly responds to your text messages-

If he instantly responds to your text messages or calls, then it’s evident that he misses you. For example, you text him asking about his whereabouts and he instantly replies you his address and the people he is with. Same goes with phone calls. Even if he is busy in a meeting or some work, he instantly replies you by saying about his situation.

  1. He loves your inner beauty-

Real love comes from natural beauty. You may be a diva to other men, but after you take off your makeup and dress in those comfy pajamas, you are still beautiful to your guy. He loves you even when you look messy. Because in the future, after 10 years, he would still look at your freckled face and say you an I love you.

  1. He respects you and treats you like a lady-

If your man doesn’t respect you, then he doesn’t love you. If your man behaves like a true gentleman, behaves properly with you, has good manners, then he truly loves you and cares for you. For example, he walks you home, opens the door for you, never lets you to carry heavy stuffs, are clear indications that he cares for you and treats you like a lady.

  1. He talks about you proudly-

If he talks in front of his family or friends, proudly, about your achievements or promotions, then he truly loves you. He admires your academic studies, intellectual background, deep knowledge about different affairs or your stupid addictions, then he is truly into you.

  1. He loves spoiling you-

A real man loves spoiling and pampering his woman. If he prepares breakfast for you, runs errands, goes to the shop to bring you your favorite pastries, buys you gifts, takes you on mini vacations, and pampers you even when there is no special occasions, then he is a keeper as he loves you the most.

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