Why social media is not for kids and how as a mom you should protect your kids from it?


Day by day, with the rising power of internet, keeping your child away from social media, has become a very tough job for most parents. Internet is a big world in itself. From outside, the world of internet looks all fun and entertaining. But internet has its dark aspects too. The growing influence of internet on children has made patenting a tough job.

Nowadays, internet has risen to play a vital role in our day to day lives. And therefore mothers have a very hard time keeping their children away from various internet websites or applications. With the modern technology collaborating with internet in everything, most of the gadgets, starting from mobile phones to TV's, everything is connected to the internet, which makes it difficult for parents to constantly keep track of their child's activities.

The modern children get exposed to internet quite early, than their age. And the fear of their children getting trapped in the dark world of internet is quite relevant for parents. Most children want to have their personal Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. We, elders are addicted to these applications, so these immature children cannot be blamed either. With the increasing popularity of these sites, keeping your child from getting exposed to unnecessary things and unhealthy addiction can be quite a tough job.

What most parents, especially mothers do, is create blogs or videos on YouTube for their kids or upload pictures in their Instagram accounts. They think this alternative method is healthy, but what they don't realize is that slowly, their vulnerable kids can get obsessed with this.

According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, it is illegal for kids who are below 13 to use any kind of app or website. Most online websites promote marketing and children who are immature and susceptible can get carried away by these marketing techniques. But sadly, most children slyly get past the security procedures of the various sites by either giving their parent's mail ids or false date of births thus increasing their current age. Sometimes the so called broadminded or rather careless parents themselves allow their kids to have online accounts.

Now the major question arises, how to protect the kids from internet. Sometimes out of love or sheer helplessness, parents tend to allow their kids to go online. Such parents can at least take precautions to make sure that their child is safe.

  1. Parents should teach their kids to avoid location tagging. Because, if your kid starts tagging his or her location in the posts, unknown people can know about your location which can be very unsafe.
  2. Never allow your kids to use the sites which are unknown to you. Always be aware of the privacy policies of the sites that are used by your kids.
  3. Make sure to teach your kids to block strangers especially people who are offending them in any way.
  4. Make sure your the posts of your child are private and limited to a certain number of known people only.

If used right, the internet can be a helpful and informative platform but misusing it can prove to be very fatal and unsafe. So the best way to protect your kid is to teach him about the benefits and harms of internet.

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