Tips to carry your baby in the right way


Mothers love to spend time with their toddlers by carrying them around. Once the baby starts to walk, mothers don’t get much chance to carry them. Most toddlers weight almost 10 to 15 kilos, which should be the average weight of the child and if the baby is not carried in the right position, it can seriously hurt the back of the mother. And a sore back is very painful.

So here are some tips on how to carry and how not to carry your toddler-

  1. Parents should never pick up their child while standing in a vertical or upright position. Most parents have the habit of picking up their babies while standing vertical or upright. This is okay if your baby is an infant but once he becomes a year old, then the baby’s weight along with the amplified range of moments associated with picking the baby can cause damage to your back.
  2. Most parents have the habit of carrying their babies on their hips. This might lessen the baby’s weight directly put on you but puts pressure on the spine.
  3. Never try to lift up your baby while sitting. By doing this, rather than putting weight on the lower half of your body, you are putting stress and pressure on your shoulders and back.
  4. Parents can pick their babies by slightly bending down their entire body, so that the weight of your child doesn’t falls on your back. This reduces the pressure falling on your back. Lift your child with the support of your body rather than your back.
  5. Buying a stroller for your baby is a very smart option. Parents should buy a stroller according to the size of their babies, who are learning to walk and tend to get tired easily. But parents should never let their kids get used to the stroller rather they should motivate their kids to walk as this increase their stamina and muscle strength.
  6. Parents should never lock their arms or knee joints, while picking up their child. By doing this you tend to put extra strain on your muscles and joints. If you are already sore, stretch a bit before picking up your child. And in order to avoid fatigue strains, put down your baby, now and then.

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