Tips to make packing Lunch an easy task


Ask any parent and they will say you, packing lunch boxes for their kids is a very big chore for them. Among all the household chores, morning routines, tight schedules, packing lunch boxes becomes a huge responsibility for every parent. Moreover if the lunch or the lunch box doesn’t look alluring then the chances of your child eating it is minimal.

So here are some tips to make this chore easy.

  1. Mothers should involve their kids in packing their lunch boxes. Packing lunch can also be done by kids. You can tell your kids to make sandwiches and other easy to pack lunch items. This will not only teach your child kitchen discipline but also take the job off your hands.
  2. Mothers can ask their husbands or their older kids to pack lunch, so that you are free once a while. Learn new ways to make packing lunch a fun activity for everyone. The day your husband packs lunch could have a good treat whereas the day when your older kid packs lunch could have extra bread spread. By making a fun schedule, even your kids will look forward to packing lunch.
  3. The best and easiest way to get a day off from lunch packing is to ask your kid to eat the hot meal provided in the school. It would be a refreshing and good change for your kid as well. But most importantly, parents should make sure that the food provided at the cafeteria is healthy and fresh and the cafeteria is a hygienic place. Also make sure your child spends the money on food.
  4. Parents should make sure their kids help themselves rather than relying on them for small chores. Mothers should keep everything within the reach of their kids so as to avoid being called again and again. This will not only give you some free time but will also help your kids learn necessary things.
  5. The best solution to this task is to hire a nanny. Nannies or home cooks can easily help you and take the pressure off you. These nannies apart from cooking can also do other household chores for you so that you get some free time.

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