Tips to stop craving for sugar in young children


Sugar intake has many ill effects, which is been realized by parents now. Many parents are trying hard to minimize the sugar amount taken by their children so as to save them from future consequences. Excessive sugar intake can lead to many adverse conditions such as obesity or weight gain, tooth decay, diabetes, fatigue, hormonal problems and short lifespan. Many children crave sweets due to their genetics too. The best way for parents to stop the sugar craving in their children is to make them follow healthy food habits.

So here are some handy tips to stop the sugar craving in children.

  1. According to studies, restricting a person completely from something, makes them want that thing even more. So parents restricting your child completely from sweets is not the option. Rather you should allow them to eat sweet in very moderate or minimal quantities, reducing the amount with time.
  2. Most of the children like the sweet taste in their mouths. Parents can replace chocolates with fruits, as fruits contain natural sweetening substances such as sugar which is better than candy’s, soda and processed food products, which consists of synthetic sugar. Parents can easily serve fruits in the form of snacks or dessert.
  3. Parents get easily molded with their child’s wishes. It’s high time parents should learn to tell a no, when their children are asking for sweets or chocolates. Rather they should make their children understand that they can have sweets in the future, in some birthday party, snack or meal. By this the children can understand that they should eat sweets in very minimal quantities and not regularly in excessive quantities.
  4.  These days children when are bored ask for chocolates. Parents should make sure their kids go out and play, when they are bored. Playing keeps one busy and active and thus the craving for sweets and candy eventually go away from your child’s mind.
  5. According to studies, due to chocolates, juice drinks and soda, the sugar intake in young children has risen by 20%. The best way to avoid this is to give your children milk, smoothies or fruit juices, which are not only nutritious but also sweet.
  6. According to studies, 50% of sugar craving happens due to deficiency of some nutrients. The best way to control the sugar craving in children is to prepare a balanced diet for them, rich in nutrients like vitamins, chromium, manganese,  zinc and magnesium. Parents can also give their children multivitamins.
  7. The best way for parents to control sugar craving in their children is to keep nutritious and healthy snacks near your children and to avoid excess sugary snacks. Fresh fruits like apples, bananas can easily replace pastries, doughnuts and cakes which are rich in refines sugar. Parents can even feed their children fruits and vegetables dipped in nutritious herbs as snacks.

Lastly, if your child eats sweets at a friend’s place, don’t create unnecessary fuss about it, as sweets don’t deserve undue attention. This would help you achieve healthy parenting techniques to check sugar cravings.

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