Useful tips to help increase your childs concentration


Most children are fickle and absent minded. While studying, it’s common to ask your child to stop fiddling around and to finish the homework. Children get easily distracted as they are naturally very exuberant and energetic. Children have tremendous amount of energy and are naturally curious and so get distracted easily.

So here are some techniques to help in increasing and improving your child’s concentration.

  1. Playing helps to build concentration-

Most children learn a lot from playing as it’s a fun activity. According to studies, gadgets reduce the attention span of children and so parents should keep away tablets, computers and other gadgets from children and make them play with regular toys so as to improve their concentration. You can make your child play various thinking games such as cross puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and other card games such uno and memory, which can strengthen your child’s focus and concentration.

  1. Make proper environment-

Some children concentrate properly in an environment which is calm and soothing, whereas some children thrive well in an environment filled with hustle and bustle.

There are different environments in which your child can concentrate such as, an environment filled with soft music and soft lighting, and an environment with no gadgets, televisions or cell phones so as to avoid distraction. Moreover, you should keep all the required materials such as crayons, homework books, textbooks, pencils, etc within the reach of your child.

  1. Eating healthy food-

Eating healthy food is directly linked to your child’s concentration. Eating junk foods or foods having high level of sugar content can make your child sluggish whereas foods rich in proteins such as eggs, almonds and lean meat help in raising awareness and increasing the concentration levels in your child.

  1. Making him follow proper routines-

It is very important to maintain a proper schedule for your child. The schedule shouldn’t necessarily be a strict one, it can be flexible too. This helps in two things, first in time management and second it helps to monitor your child’s brain to know when he has to do a certain work, such as studying or sleeping. And this helps to increase a child’s concentration.

  1. Breaks and naps boosts concentration-

Most children can concentrate better after a proper sleep during the night. Even a power nap in the afternoon, after school can help in increasing a child’s concentration. Before your child sits down to study, you should take care of all the hunger pangs and bathroom breaks so that it doesn’t hamper his concentration.

  1. Always reward your child-

You can reward your child by giving him chocolates or toys or the best way to reward him is to praise him. This motivates them and thus they concentrate more in their works.

Concentration, like any skill can be improved. These tips will not only improve your child’s concentration level but will also strengthen your bond with your child.

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