Ways to impress a woman in the FIRST DATE


The fact that ‘first impression lasts long’ is very true. On your first date, the impression that you leave behind on the woman, will either lead to more dates in the future or just plain disappointed.

So here are some ways to impress a woman in the first meet.

  1. Dress good and be neat-

A woman is very particular about a man’s sense of dressing and appearance. When you are approaching a woman, she pays good attention to your external appearance. Small small things such as your wrist watch, your perfume, your hairstyle and most importantly your personality are discretely noticed by her. A woman won’t be impressed by your flirticious comments or your posh car, rather be composed and calm as a whole personality.

  1. Compliment her but not in a sleazy and cheesy manner-

Women love compliments. Complimenting her for her attributes is the best way to quickly grab the attention of a lady. However, women can distinguish cheap comments from a genuine one. Don’t give seductive compliments about body parts.

  1. Honesty and simplicity are the best weapons-

A woman wouldn’t want to hangout with you for long if you start complicated conversations always or she cannot connect with your topics. You may possess good amount of knowledge about a matter, but she may find it boring and inconvenient if it’s not her field.

  1. Listen carefully-

Women love to be listened to and given proper attention. Listen carefully with a smile so as to show her that you are listening with utmost attention. Make her feel that you are very lucky to get this opportunity. While she is talking, don’t interrupt her much. Be inquisitive by asking her about herself and ask her questions so as to show her that you value her opinions.

  1. Look straight into her eyes, while having a conversation-

Always keep in mind that, while talking to her look straight into her eyes, as this is the most effective way to impress a woman. This even shows that you have confidence in yourself. Word of caution: don’t stare at her lips, curves or cleavage.

  1. Never brag, rather be generous-

Women do not like to hangout with brags. A girl would be too disinterested to hangout with a guy who brags about his deeds. Rather, you should be composed and flexible. You should think before speaking.

  1. Women get pleased by acts of chivalry-

Women love men who are true gentlemen, who hold the door open for them, are well mannered, pull a chair foe her, and are affirmative and positive rather than spontaneous. Women love men who have etiquettes.

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