Ways to make a woman feel LOVED


Every woman expects good treatment, proper care and pampering from her man. Although they won’t be very vocal about it, but inside they would be craving for sweet ways to feel loved. If you don’t make your woman feel loved, slowly your relationship starts to get sour.

So here are some ways to make your woman feel loved.

  1. Always make time for her-

A woman feels loved when you make her the first priority in your life and make time for her. Treat your woman like she is the most valuable thing in this world. Just like you take out time for other important things, always make time for your woman. This time should be dedicated only to her. You can have a nights out, joint adventures with friends or game nights at home. Making time for your woman makes her feel loved, cared and important and she doesn’t feel granted.

  1. Always appreciate her-

Women will always make extra effort to care and serve their loved ones. They give so much but do not receive much in return. If you just appreciate her about how much she means to know, would make a big difference to her world. A man can appreciate a woman for many things such as, her unconditional love, thoughtful gestures, passionate kiss, healing touch, care for children or towards the family.

  1. Accept her the way she is-

Never remind her of her flaws, rather appreciate, love and accept her, the way she is. The best way to love a woman is to accept her the way she is, rather than changing her or wishing she were different or telling her that she is insufficient in some ways. Just because society has rules for women, doesn’t mean that you should too. Make sure your woman knows that you love and accept her the way she is.

  1. Listen to her mindfully-

Women love to express themselves, share their feelings and love by talking. A woman feels loved when her man listens to her without trying to troubleshoot, help or fix them. They love it when men listen to them without judgment or advice, until asked.

  1. Never forget to acknowledge her-

Notice whatever she is doing and always appreciate her for that. You can show your appreciation in the form of a thoughtful gesture, small gifts, or some kind and caring words. Always find out ways to appreciate your woman and not criticize her.

  1. Always show honesty and openness-

Honesty is the best way to make your woman feel loved. Women love honesty more than anything else. A woman feels safe when she is able to have honest, intimate and deep conversations with her man. Women feel extremely hurt and betrayed when you hide information or the truth from them or lie to them.

Apart from this, you can always show her small acts of thoughtfulness, shower her with affection, gifts and chocolates.

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